Support and participate in the pilot to clinically test the effectiveness of RUTF amongst children in India. This pilot is being conducted in partnership with Compatible Technology International (CTI) and Sion Hospital, Mumbai. This testing will be performed using the UNICEF approved (and internationally proven) formula under strict medical supervision. Successful completion of this pilot will facilitate launch of large scale indegenious production of RUTF in India.
Sam India Project will be setting up production of indegenious Ready to Use Theraputic Foods in India. Starting from one production site, we aim to scale-out to meet the demands of this much needed food that has proven to save lives of millions of severely mal-nutritioned kids in various parts of the world.

This indigenously made RUTF will meet the following criteria (link to pdf report included with the files) set by experts in India:
• Caloric dense, high in proteins, vitamins and minerals
• Simple to deliver and administer
• Easy to use
• Fast acting
• Affordable and acceptable cost
• Should not require trained staff to administer (parents can deliver it to a child)
• Culturally acceptable
• Packed in single-serve packets (each packet may contain fixed amount of calories 400- 500 calories)
• Requires little preparation before use
• Adequate shelf life and stability
• Can be stored in varied climatic conditions and temperature
• Resistant to bacterial contamination
• Does not cause addiction to child